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Mountain Lion: We’ve only got two minutes here, right? Okay, well, I’ll go first. So the main thing with me is, what you get is lots more than what you see. I mean, I may seen outgoing, but this dating thing is hard for me – I really prefer being on my own, but you get lonely after a while, you know? What you might not know about me at first glance… I’ve ogt his big beauty of a mouth here, but I’ll never roar at you, even if you forgotet the dee for dinner and bring me armadillo (not my fave). Definitely want a family, but won’t expect you to pop one out more than once every few years.  Oh, and I’ve got a devastating neck bite – if you don’t mind a little hickey the next day. Oops, looks like only a minute left before we have to move on, and to tell you the truth, out of this room of beauties,  I only have eyes for your sexy stripes. So enough about me, tell me about you?



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